A New studio born out of the passion for dance! We love to dance, and we want to share that passion. We are different to most other studios as we teach our students the steps and how to build the dance so it fits with the music and because dance floors come in various sizes students learn how to navigate any size of dance floor. In just a few lessons students can see the dance evolve and begin to dance with any one, anywhere and to any music. We really encourage our students to dance socially as this cements all that they learn during their classes.

Our students choose dancing for quite diverse reasons, for some it is the social interaction and the enjoyment factor, others choose to learn to dance to improve their health and fitness, some want to dance in a social environment such as dinner dances, weddings and debutante balls. Others are quite serious about dancing they opt to challenge themselves and work on achieving their Ballroom or Street Latin medals.

We run classes at all levels of social dancing and you can start at any time, we also teach wedding couples and groups so that their wedding dance can be something really special.